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About Us 關於 DAISLY


Daisly & Coffee originated in September 2012. Due to work, I came to this distant and mysterious country, Papua New Guinea, to investigate. Inadvertently, I found that coffee beans in this country are of high quality. The brewed coffee has a strong favour and exudes an intoxicating aroma.


After returning to Taiwan, I bought and tasted coffee from different shops. However, I couldn't find the flavor I was drinking at that time. In order to retrieve this unforgettable coffee taste, I am determined to introduce this coffee bean. With the help of my family in Papua New Guinea, I finally brought this quality coffee beans back to Taiwan.


Papua New Guinea is a pollution-free country. 90% of local people’s daily necessities and food depend on imports. There is a mountain in the east of Papua New Guinea. The mountain has excellent conditions and the altitude is about 1600-1900M. This mountain exudes a charming smell of flowers, very romantic and mature. The coffee beans produced here are very high quality.


Daisly's philosophy is to show the other side of coffee. When you think of coffee, you will definitely think that this is just a drink that can refresh yourself. But we hope that everyone will not treat coffee drinking as a refreshing sustenance. We wish people who drink coffee can enjoy the process of making coffee and brew your own favorite coffee.


Everyone’s taste and preference is different. Some prefer a bit more acid, some prefer a bit more bitterness. Some like adding milk, some like black coffee. We hope that our coffee will not be limited, everyone can make their favourite flavour. We wish our consumers can taste the high-quality coffee beans from this mysterious country manor, not the mixed beans collected by small farmers.


Daisly team will continue to find the best quality coffee bean to our consumers. When you drink coffee that meet your heart, you must be happy. A good cup of coffee can make people happy. This is the purpose of Daisly, and it is also the driving force for us to continue to bring high-quality product to everyone in the future.